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AT / 2002
3 min.

“Several repetitions of a minimal difference generates layers of color which then cover the representational images.” (Kurt A. Pirk) Coincidence plays a permanent role in the production of art. As an esthetic principle, it happens as part of precise considerations rather than arbitrarily, “meaningful coincidence” as Francis Bacon
termed it. This applies to the coincidences in Kurt A. Pirk’s many-layered video entitled Patchwork. The artist sent video images through a computer with the intention of distorting and then abstracting themæas the result of repeated intentional crashes of the computer or program.
Patchwork describes a path through a public building, though it is comprehensible only briefly. From the very beginning, the images are covered with virtually impenetrable masses of pixels which are at first amorphous. In their varying color segmentation they constantly flow into one another, gradually form geometric shapes, bars and grids. Motion is evident between, in and over the images. Streams of electronic waves open and close views of (mostly) interiors, which however are visible only in part, as fragments of the visible world. These fade-ins and-outs that can be
understood as subtle reminiscences of the methods employed by film.The technique applied to the material in Patchwork resembles overpainting, which is evoked through spatial depth shimmering repeatedly through the surface
layers of color. What happens on the visual level is reflected in the acoustic elements; there are
scratches, vibrations and rumbles on the coarse soundtrack. This work is defined by technological disruptions, digital displacements which do not fragment and erode the flow of images; on the contrary, they make possible its uniform, meditative noise. (Lukas Maurer)
translation: Steve Wilder

A film by:
- Kurt A. Pirk

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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