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Terminal Identity #4
Terminal Identity #4
AT / DE / 2003
30 min.

In subjective takes, a shaky hand-held camera shows repetitions of walks through various street corners of a city. The view is aimed forward in walking direction and brushes by parked cars, children, bicyclists, and passers-by coming towards the camera. The woman behind the video camera tells why she is making this seemingly insignificant shots. A dense monologue unravels that leads into the woman’s universe, but also goes beyond her autobiographical depiction to reflect on the production and significance of images. The woman says that her pictures look different because now she is old, that she only has access to a very limited repertoire of image production, which is outside of the aesthetic norm. In this way, she defends herself from exclusion from image production and struggles persistently against the body’s transience, against a literal disappearance from the picture.

What becomes clear is that the camera presents a possibility
for the narrator to enter into a relationship with others; she defines her place in the world through the form of images. Here, depictions are not meant in the sense of a critical media interpretation, as second hand experiences or as flat illusions, but rather, produce a social space in which the camera functions as an ”interhuman concept.” Making pictures and being visible in pictures is constitutive for the definition of one’s own identity and being located in the realm of the visible. (Andrea Pollach)
Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

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