An independent jury selects from current productions in the areas of experimental, documentary, animation and short fiction which are then submitted at international film festivals world-wide. As a world sales agency sixpackfilm also handle sellings to collections, TV-sales and contracts with international distributors.

The rental operation has been run on a commercial basis since 1996. This sector is undergoing continuous expansion, and a large part of the orders are from foreign countries. Beginning with 194 screenings in 1996, the volume of rentals has increased to over 1.300 orders in the last years (not counting multiple screenings).
An important reason for this is the active role sixpackfilm plays as a distributor. In concrete terms, sixpackfilm regularly contacts curators and organizations to offer them films and videos, concrete events and traveling programs.
At present, our catalog contains more than 1.200 titles in all cinematic genres: There are avant-garde classics (e.g. the complete oeuvres of Peter Kubelka and Kurt Kren, many works by VALIE EXPORT, Hans Scheugl and Ernst Schmidt Jr.) and contemporary experimental films as well as short features by up-and-coming directors, documentaries and animation films.
Sixpackfilm’s stock covers at present solely Austrian filmmakers (with a very few exceptions).
Informations on all distributed titles can be found in our online catalogue.

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