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Filmart Takes Position
ALIEN/NATION - The Filmreel

16mm or BetaSP, 55 min.

“Slowly, and certainly with caution, we should also confront the question as to whether an expanded consciousness, a world-wide marketing of literature, art and ideas, does not include a world-wide responsibility for the social and political implications of our “privat’, personal creativity.” (Josef Haslinger)

“The foreign is to be found in ourselves. And if we run from foreigners or fight with them, we are fighting against our own unconscious – this >not self< of our not possible >self<.” (Julia Kristeva)

FILMART TAKES POSITION considers itself as a forum for film artists to make statements of an artistic and socially critical nature.
172 films and videos were submitted. An international jury selected 15 works from seven countries – 15 visual counter-measures with differing approaches. The filmreel ALIEN/NATION develops the theme in the manner of a cabinet of curious: digitally worked video art, classical animation films, highly-concentrated, personal commentaries and irritating minimalist works from the area of the avant-garde film.


Mariage Blanc, A/MA 1996, Gustav Deutsch, Farbe, 5 min
Biba-non-biba, B 1994, Hänzel & Gretzel, Farbe, 4 min 30 sek
Dar-el-Beida, A 1996, Tim Sharp, s/w, 2 min 40 sek
Grüezi, CH 1995, Jonas Raeber, Farbe, 2 min 20 sek
Extract, GB 1996, Kristin Mojsiewicz, Farbe, 4 min 15 sek
Ph/r/ases, USA 1995, Sikay Tang, Farbe, 4 min 40 sek
Heimkehr 1941/1996, A 1996, Institut für Evidenzwissenschaft:, Caroline Weihs, Michael Domes, s/w, 5 min
SnapsPotS, A 1996, Kurt Kren, Farbe, stumm, 4 min 45 sek
Zehn kleine Negerlein, D 1992, Jochen Ehmann, Farbe, 1 min 30 sek
Paradigm lost, part I, GB 1995, Shaheen Merali, Farbe, 5 min
Non portare i cani in chiesa, I 1994, Marco Lanza, Farbe, 1 min
Genocides, B 1994, Hänzel & Gretzel, Farbe, 2 min 30 sek
Ich suche nichts, ich bin hier, D 1994, Holger Mader, Farbe, 4 min
Alarm, A 1996, Dietmar Brehm, Farbe, stumm, 1 min 12 sek
Die letzten Bilder der Nacht, A 1994/96, Paul Divjak, Farbe, stumm, 4 min

price: 160.- EUR


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