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AT / 1957
1 min.

Adebar is the first metric film, followed by Schwechater (1958) and Arnulf Rainer (1960).

In Adebar, only certain shot lenghts are used and the image material in the film is combined according
to certain rules. For instance, there is a consistent alternation between positive and negative. The film´s images are extremely high contrast black-and-white shots of dancing figures; the images are stripped down to their black-and-white essentials so that they can be used in an almost terrifyingly precise construct of image, motion, and repeated sound.

(Fred Camper)

Kubelka´s works are sound films. Here, at last, is a filmmaker´s ear that creates in contrapunctal
accord with his eye in the making.
If the projection of Adebar is perfectly synced the experience is an indescribably new one for any with eyes and ears to see/hear it.

(Stan Brakhage)

A film by:
- Peter Kubelka

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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