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Outer Space
Outer Space
AT / 1999
10 min.

A woman, terrorized by an invisible and aggressive force, is also exposed to the audience’s gaze, a prisoner in two senses. Outer Space agitates this construction, which is prototypical for gender hierarchies and classic cinema’s viewing regime, and allows the protagonist to turn them upside down. (…) The story ends in the woman’s resistant gaze. (Isabella Reicher)

In the 2012 ranking of the Greatest Films of All Time, published every ten years by the BFI film magazine „Sight & Sound“, Outer Space was honored with the ranking of position #322 (Filmmakers poll) and position #377 (Critics poll), based on 846 top-ten lists of cinephiles including directors, academics, distributors, curators and writers from 73 countries who collectively cited 2,045 different films.

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A film by:
- Peter Tscherkassky

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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