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Enter the Devil
Teufel Eintritt
AT / NL / 2000
9 min.


Words are used to animate things, to provide them with certain qualities, to allow them to grow and flourish. We also use words to kill things, to incapacitate them, to make them waste away and perish. With words, we believe ourselves to be in safety and assume that we have things under control.

A mistake.

Words have now entered the world of reMI. Words are placed in the machine, in the ghost in the machine, inserted into the center of the confusion and into lines. When this happens, the machine becomes a golem to a limited extent only; it seems to require our control less and less, enjoying a lively randomness.

Another mistake.

Radical transformations which are inspired and assisted by reMI provide us with an aesthetic strategy for the crime. It has already been outlined in previous works, in particular Mobile V a break-in as the ultimate hack.

The inclusion of text can be considered a logical continuation. In Mobile V, the ghosts in the machine were set free, and now, language is used as a creative instrument in the conclusion of a devilish pact. The reference to text and symbol is intended as an element of a manifesto: Teufel Eintritt (Enter the Devil) will be used as an important standard for innovations. The devilish pact is already in effect, as the text serves as a mediator, as a key to the picture within a picture in the same way as it did for the interference within the interference.

Words are used to animate, to kill, we sense that we are in safety. reMI shows us our greatest mistake. And because of this golem of truth, words fail us.
(Thomas Ballhausen)

A film by:
- reMI

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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- Betacam SP PAL

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