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AT / DK / 1999
6 min.

Overfart is a disembodied passage through a landscape which is inaccessible to humans, a landscape which is not a part of nature but an intellectual construct: In its artificiality, this work refers to Early-Romantic landscape painting­especially that of C.D. Friedrich­and its immanent religiosity.
Though temko by general magic is virtually the sole element of the soundtrack, this work was not intended to be a music video. The abstract spatiality of the music, which was apparently set in contrast to the images, and their cycles complement one another to produce the same intangibility. (Ben Pointeker)

This non-place is both the destination and route of the passage. The journey loses its direction, melts away in a constant gliding motion. And who is able to grasp the cyclical in a void? ...)The surroundings are evenly fragmented, determining the location position­determination by means of distinction­is not possible. There is no sign of an iceberg or other landmarks, and identical instant visages are of little help when navigating at dusk.... [E]ven the end of the passage - the Overfart -,the state of immobility, does not appear suddenly, it was always there. In the end, all that remains is a wisp, a memory of the search. (H. Meer)

A film by:
- Ben Pointeker

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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