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At Glasergasse 5/9
In der Glasergasse 5/9
AT / 1999
6 min.

The ambiance of a room. A woman hangs a picture, moves a ladder, then the table, turns on the television and the light. She leaves the room with her dog.
At Glasergasse 5/9 presents a passage excerpt from everyday life. Structures from a different image permeate the film. As it turns out, everything that happens was already visible. Kaleidoscopic inserts foretell the entire order of events from their very beginning. What happens, and what will happen, are all visible. But what is happening? Is she tidying up? The ladder remains standing in the center of the room.
Is she expecting someone? While the lights and the monitor remain on, she arranges her hair, puts on her jacket and leaves.
The sequence of these everyday actions are not comprehensible in a pragmatic sense. The motivation for this bustling activity is not discernible. The objects become props in a story which presumably describes nothing more than the preparations for the final image. The filmĀ“s conclusion releases the viewer with the certainty of having known the entire time. That is the moment at which the mystery presented by the preview is resolved. The woman climbs into her own image and leaves the room. (Nora Sternfeld)

A film by:
- Flora Watzal

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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- Betacam SP PAL

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