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Andri 1924-1944
Andri 1924-1944
AT / 2003
19 min.

How can one tell a story which is known from hearsay only? A story which was never written down, a story illustrated by hardly any pictures. The story of someone´s life which ends after twenty years in murder, a story, which survives solely in isolated, partially faded and occasionally retouched memories. The gaps are blank spaces on fragmentary historical maps - projection screens for seemingly
logical sequels and personal judgments. Andrina Mraçnikar received the story of Andri, her grandmother´s brother, as a child like parts of a huge and incomplete mythic puzzle which included Hitler, Jesus and Snow White. Andri, an army deserter who was hunted by the Gestapo and executed as a partisan in November 1944, played the role of the hero. And the partisan songs of the Carinthian Slovenes provided a personal soundtrack. Half a century later Andrina Mraçnikar collected the puzzle´s pieces and put them togetherænot with the intention of reconstructing a historically complete picture, but to enable the development of a story in a cleverly arranged interlocking of partial
motifs and empty spaces. Rather than illustrating the factual evidence interpreted by the filmmaker´s unpretentiously thoughtful narration, the camera´s gaze follows the complex traces left by the ensemble of memories, associations and vague speculations into the seemingly untouched landscape scenes of the present. In Andri 1924-1944 these traces, rather than leading to clearings which reveal past events to be a "fait accompli", arecondensed in a finely woven textile of the concrete and the suspected in which the past is updated in the perception of its examiner.

(Robert Buchschwenter)

Translation: Steve Wilder

In the introductory scene a young Viennese woman drives to visit her grandmother, an Austrian Carinthian of Slovenian descent. The panoramic view of the passing landscape is studded with moments of blinding whiteness, as the winter sun occasionally appears from behind the trees. All this is underlined with the director´s soft voice, feeling over the whiteness of her first childhood memories. She remembers Andri, her grandmother´s younger brother, a partisan and family hero, killed in 1944 by the Nazis. This soul-stirring story is later told first hand by an old woman: white marks are substituted for her beautiful and dying Slovenian language. In this short documentary, feelings of discomfort give way to childish curiosity, the complexity of memory is substituted for the simple expression of narration, the inexorability of comprehension alleviated by poeticism.

(Jurij Meden)

A film by:
- Andrina Mracnikar

- Essay

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- german

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