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Scattering Stars
DE / 1994
2 min.

Heavenly bodies explode. Stars disintegrate. The afterglow of a physic encounter.

(Matthias Müller)

Sternenschauer - Scattering Stars is a paean to light, a glittering bodice of a film that rapturously unfolds its subject with a shimmering luminosity.

(Mike Hoolboom, In: Millenium Film Journal, New York, 1997)

Against a pitch-black nighttime sky, splendid fireworks explode. From a different darkness, gleaming male body parts light up. Meticulous cutting and solarization make the fireworks seem to emerge from the very center of the bodies.

(International Film Festival Rotterdam)

A film by:
- Matthias Müller

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- not specified

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