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Pensao Globo
Pensao Globo
DE / 1997
15 min.

A man faces his approaching death. He takes a journey, his last perhaps, and ends up at the Pensão Globo in Lisbon, where he sets out on aimless excursions through the city. The film depicts a life in a state of transition. Sometimes it´s like I´m already gone, become a ghost of myself.

(Matthias Müller)

The wonder of Matthias Müller´s experimental film work comes from letting you into this most private of all private worlds, the diary where memory and desire are layered one on top of the other. Non-linear but intensely dramatic, visually complicated but emotionally direct, this remarkable cycle of work opens itself up to you like a secret diary being read for the very first time.

(Peter Goddard)

A film by:
- Matthias Müller

- Short fiction

original language:
- english

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