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Wibbel-Ich & Glück
Wibbel-Ich & Glück
AT / 2007
3 min.

Janina Arendt´s animation Wibbel-Ich & Glück is strongly rooted in traditional artistic drawing techniques, yet the artist consistently transfers this gesture-based practice to the present. Her animated watercolor and gouache drawings perhaps do not possess a David Shrigley-type nihilism, but nonetheless, they have a similar charge of energy and in contrast to many other watercolors are powerful and direct. Arendt´s cinematographic self-reflections and meditations can most certainly be related to the animation films of Maria Lassnig, which were preceded by so-called body-awareness drawings. Arendt, too, combines personal elements and feminism without falling prey to dogmas.

Her filmic-graphic study Wibbel-Ich & Glück lives from the lightness of a daydream. The rhythmic pulsation of the pictures results from the animation of drawings on paper. In contrast to classical cartoons on foil, this leads to a highly charged anti-perfectionism. In this context, the material of the drawing and the animation seem to merge with the artist´s physical experiences. Along with these strong references to drawing and to creative independent animation films, also noticeable is a similarity to performance. Everyday movements can be seen, but also minimal choreographies. Yet in no way is Arendt´s visual world hermetic; it also uses music in an attempt to draw those engaging with it into the atmosphere of its state of mind. With a great lightness and up-beat attitude, Janina Arendt maintains a distance to the beholder, for she neither suggests naïveté nor attempts to develop a personal profile of herself. (Ulrich Wegenast)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

A film by:
- Janina Arendt

- Animation/Cartoon

original language:
- no dialogue

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