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AT / 2012
32 min.

Maybes is a reconstruction, the replica of a complex emotional world made of desire and aggression: a teen film. Director and screenwriter Florian Pochlatko explores the agonies of adolescence and the rage and frustration caused by being dissatisfied with oneself. At the same time he produces something like a catalogue of the sensory experiences involved with becoming an adult, showing binge drinking and masturbation, telling us about exchanged glances and jealousy, martial drill in gym class, dressing up and the desire to destroy things, pigheadedness and deep-seated anger, a latent death wish and the rush of speed. In starkly contrasting juxtapositions of snapshots depicting moments in a group of school kids’ daily lives, Pochlatko penetrates deep into his protagonists’ social environment, capturing the semisecret signals of their erotic ambitions in detail with equal meticulousness as for the deadly seriousness of the games they play in relationships, which will surely lead to proxy wars or resignation. The improvised dialogues depict the richness of the jargon employed in the biotope Maybes explores. The camera, rather than maintaining a distance from the characters, instead moves through all the battlegrounds of youth as if it were one of them. This would not be possible without a few clichés, but the confidence that can be sensed in the film’s tone is surprising. The girls are bitches to one another and listen to singer Nena while the boys lash out, devoting their time to the idiocy they have chosen for themselves and Death Metal. The parents are absent or indisposed. Everyone puts themselves at risk. Maybes is a film about the feeling of alienation in one’s own existence, the horrors of disillusionment that manifest themselves between childhood and adulthood. The smell of teen spirit is overpowering.
(Stefan Grissemann)
Translation: Steve Wilder

A film by:
- Florian Pochlatko

- Short fiction

original language:
- german

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