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AT / DE / 2012
9 min.


In Achill, an artist leaves her world of blurriness to meet a man. He is a hero, and he is beautiful–but he´s also someone pretending to be someone else. He appears on screen: `All happiness can be found in fleeting awareness and blind intoxication.´ She doesn´t yet know how it works. OK, enough of being the observer: she tries to communicate. In Achill, a woman steps out of her world to meet a man. The encounter turns out to be disenchanting; in the end, the woman retreats again. She is an artist, she animates films. The film that she is animating at the moment is a film about this encounter, and how clarity and blurriness are mutually exclusionary states of awareness.

For this, Gudrun Krebitz reaches into her bag of tricks and summons all the tools of her trade: she paints faces, animates drawings, has writing dance over the image, gems glisten, and voices speak from off–camera, and in English, too. And while the image is entirely devoted to tracking down blurriness, the sound design – by Marian Mentrup – lies like a vitreous skeleton over this story, giving it structure, making it tell–able and audible. A stream of associations of artistically woven intimations thus arises, representing the woman´s world of perception and experience. Image and voice merely foretell. The writing tumbles hectically from one side to the other; the voices speak more into one another than try to be understood. The tangled mess of words is mythic and underscores the round–dance of deliberately placed visual distortions. What we have is no riddle, but instead, general tension and suspense, in the music´s rhythm. Krebitz animates spaces of internalization and intuition. In these spaces, blurriness and ambiguity create something that is somehow a new clarity.

(Sylvia Szely)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

A film by:
- Gudrun Krebitz

- Animation

original language:
- german/english

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