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Porter Springs 4
Porter Springs 4
US / 1999
15 min.

Porter Springs 4

Constructed from footage shot over 20 years (reversal, negative, 8 mm, super-8, 8mm video, mini-DV & old photos), with an audio track composed from the video sync, ambient recordings, and a tape I made in high school of my uncle telling stories and playing piano & of selections from his record collection that we listened to on family vacation in my childhood. My father growing old & feeble, my only footage of my dead older sister and grandmother (Gonga) and of my log cabin (the Bug House) which was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1990, memories of two ex´s, eternal nature, endless walks in the woods, building the screen house I lived in for 20 years and dream time there, the rotting boathouse, and various typical family scenes, assembled and presented in the rhythms of my mind and body - an advanced home movie.

(Henry Hills)

A film by:
- Henry Hills

- experimental

original language:
- not specified

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- 16 mm

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