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AT / 2014
74 min.

Two women, more casual acquaintances than real friends, meet at one´s apartment to settle the details of they will help each other in a few ordinary matters. One will take photographs at the other´s upcoming anniversary, and the second is providing plans for renovation of the first woman´s kitchen. Unexpectedly, this exchange is interrupted by a very old story.

Farewell confronts its protagonists with a loss that has never been dealt with—once commemorated it makes carrying on with normal life an impossibility. The film´s content determines its form, and as a result the camera´s focus gradually gets tighter like the metaphorical noose around someone´s neck: For nearly two-thirds of its length the picture sticks with a single shot in which a barely perceptible zoom gradually narrows the amount of latitude available to the protagonists, in the film scene and with regard to the action.
In their wooden attempts to keep the conversation going the two women repeatedly end up in dead ends of small talk, which early on fuels the suspicion of a menacing emotional escalation. Trapped in this scenario of latent commotion it takes nothing more than a triviality to bring long suppressed painful memories to the surface.
When the chamber play then spreads out to include the external world in a radical shift in the viewing convention, long shots and details of street scenes and deserted construction sites correspond the prevailing atmosphere of isolation and leaving time behind. The night spent in an empty lot turns into a catalyst for one of the protagonists, forcing her to sort things out with her own past. Coming to terms with the past as a structurally composed filmic experimental setup. Consistent, raw, engaging. (Sebastian Höglinger)

Translation: Steve Wilder

A film by:
- Ludwig Wüst

- Fiction

original language:
- german

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- DCP 2K

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