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Exhibition Talks
Exhibition Talks
AT / 2014
9 min.

If, as Walter Benjamin claimed, buildings are appropriated in a twofold manner through use and perception; that is, tactically and optically, then Sasha Pirker’s and Lotte Schreiber’s Exhibition Talks can be seen as an attempt to somewhat decouple this mode of reception. While the soundtrack deals with the use of aut, the Tiroler Architekturforum’s exhibition spaces, and the conditions of the individual spaces and possibilities to adapt them for one’s own purposes; the visual track offers fragmentary, static, black-and-white views of the same spaces, which stay in the visual register simply by being linked above the montage to a coherent spatial whole.

The camera records details of the façade and interior rather than “telling about” the sizes of the spaces and their built arrangement, for example, through a tour of the building. The clearly drawn lines and diverse opportunities to look in, out, and through, provide evidence of classical modernism’s formal language, and also subject this formal language to a visual play of light and shadow, gray tones and black-and-white, dissolving the structure’s three dimensions.

Should the idea of Benjamin’s twofold appropriation of buildings consist in the transfer to the conditions of perception in cinema (scattering rather than contemplation), then the experimental decoupling of visual perception and tactile use in Exhibition Talks seems to follow a different logic. Although strictly separated from the image, use-possibilities search for ways to become visible. “Normally, the entrance is here”: visible is an opening through which light is cast onto a wall, while the rest of the space sinks in shadow. The opening is a window, but it could also be a door, or will soon be one. Exhibition Talks deals with such transitions: from built space’s open, moving, and transformative ones.
(Vrääth Öhner)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

A film by:
- Sasha Pirker
- Lotte Schreiber

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- german

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