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AT / 2014
7 min.

A new video series by explores the fine line between digital clarity and impenetrability. Since the mid-1990s, the project undertaken by graphic designer and artist Walter Gorgosilits has been concerned with generative images based on mathematical formulas. More recently it is concentrated on the realm of HD, principally centering on the relationship between computer precision and rationally intangible affects. Specially created scripts generate “non-figurative movements” (dextro), alternating in appearance between hyper transparency and surreal mysteriousness. Whereby nothing is random – on the contrary, the algorithmic visual processes strive for a direct contact with the optical (and electronic) unconscious.

In the first part of the suite (v64), one seems to see waveforms, jaggedly woven threads, hyper realistically bent, laminate surfaces. The red-orange tint of a portion of the oscillating weave directly engages the visceral nervous system of the brain, while music gleaned from Michael Wysmierski’s Film The Shining Code 2.0 suggests an undreamed of expanse behind what is seen. In the end, the seething image ‘bleeds out’ evenly, its organic undercurrent nonetheless effectively continuing subcutaneously. The middle three sections (v59, v62, v63) appear formally reduced, each accompanying a sound miniature produced by Curd Duca. Nonetheless the target effect is reached, ranging from a mildly administered hypnosis, to being sucked in and grating horror.
Finally, v21 dedicates the entire endeavor to the notion of no longer being, in the form of an imaginary act of devotion. The mental dynamic behind all thought of extinction is captured by a pair of twofold movements (contraction/acceleration vs. expansion/deceleration). In the meantime delicate echoes are heard, of Beatles music and the Japanese musician Suzukiski. Rarely have light and blindness, clarity and terror come so close. (Christian Höller)
Translation: Eve Heller

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