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video 65
video 65
AT / 2014
5 min.

When watching dextro´s video works, the viewer is immersed in a parallel mathematical universe populated by puzzling, two-dimensional life forms that are in a constant state of movement and flux. Its filigree, abstract compositions are based on algorithms – the visible traces they leave behind are seen on the display monitor. In video _65 dextro abandons the use of color entirely. White gossamer lines dance in front of a medium gray background, in synch with the spherical electronic sounds of contemporary American composer Chris Arrell. Sometimes during the digital ballet, these fine lines coalesce into coiling, luminous tubes. White graphic lines become discreetly contrasted and superimposed with black graphic lines.

dextro´s video works are always based on extremely complex, non-linear scripts. But as a rule, he does not rely on random sequence generators or fractal chaos formulae. His animations are meticulously defined down to the exact detail, the individual pixel. A renewed computational run-through would deliver the exact same result. dextro’s artistic material is the digital code with which he experiments at great length, until the visual result corresponds to his aesthetic expectations. His works are marked by a signature style – the composition of his images is always dynamic, asymmetrical and finely nuanced. video _65 is a further building block in an impressive, comprehensive and uncompromising body of work, through which dextro once again proves his sovereignty and mastery. (Norbert Pfaffenbichler)
Translation: Eve Heller

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- Animation/Pixilation

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- no dialogue

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