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Trilogi Jawa
Trilogi Jawa
AT / ID / DE / 2010 - 2014
145 min.

I – Paradise Later
II – Jakarta Disorder
III – Riding my Tiger

Over several years Jakarta Disorder (2013, 88 min) observes the development of the Indonesian civil society which leads to the election of Joko Widodo as the country´s new president. The documentary tells the story of two courageous women in Jakarta who fight for the participation of the urban poor in the young democracy. The rapidly growing housing development leads to the displacement of many traditional living quarters. Together with their friends, the two women decide to fight against this injustice and to engage in the currently running presidential elections.

In his most recent film, Riding My Tiger (2014, 42 min), the filmmaker Ascan Breuer searches for the spirit of a tiger said to have haunted the house of his ancestors on Java. Locating this spirit is no easy matter, as it must be summoned in a respectful manner. A number of stories have grown around it, personified as the family´s grandfather, as the ghost of an old man who resides in the garden and finishes off thieves and poor craftsmen. It also recalls the resistance against Dutch colonialism and the conflicts that played out during the Cold War. By using the old art of Javanese shadow puppetry, Wayang Kulit, Breuer creates a new genre of documentary: a "magical documentary".

The Short-Film Paradise Later (2010, 14 min), which already premiered at Berlinale 2010, addresses the side-effects of the fast development of the Megacity Jakarta: In the outskirts and the spaces "in between" of a rapidly expanding metropolis, the film shows the people who are living in profound poverty and subsist on the refuse of an expanding consumer society.

The three films of Trilogi Jawa address topics of extreme relevance: How do marginalized and poor people survive in the middle of the highspeed-modernisation, even though they don´t participate in it? How do they make their lives livable? Which possibilities do they have for their own emancipation? How do they organize themselves? And which role do traditions and myths play in a society that is ever more rapidly pushing towards modernity? His films are also a search for his own roots in the home-country of his mother: Indonesia. (Goethe Institut Indonesia)

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