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FtWTF - Female to What The Fuck
FtWTF - Female to What The Fuck
AT / 2015
92 min.

The documentary FtWTF is a precise encounter with the theme of gender transgression, whereby the gender border is crossed in the same direction each time: from a specific starting point (female/woman) to a temporarily open end point ("what the fuck"). The filmmakers portray six people who for different reasons take on a transgender identity and live it out in different and changing ways.
In talks that are serious yet nonetheless not anxious, which draw us in, the protagonists confront the conditions, consequences, and sometimes also bizarre circumstances of their decision. The way they do so is disarmingly open and often humorous, in a manner that is amazing to see. Due to the gorgeous images, deep insights into gender construction and sexuality are communicated with ease; and the protagonists´ obvious trust in the film project can be attributed to the directors´ impressive expertise.

FtWTF has posed the immense challenge of bringing gender transformations onto the screen without tragedy and pathos, crying parents or deeply saddened relatives; no voyeuristic gazes fixed on bodies and bedrooms. The film, which can be situated at the center of queer art production, succeeds in doing all of this and much more in a way still rarely seen: likeable and eloquent, engaging in political analysis and well-informed on feminism, the film´s protagonists become heroes of gender difference, heroes who bravely live their desire for masculinity, and constantly critically question it: Each in his own way. (Andrea B. Braidt)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

A film by:
- Cordula Thym
- Katharina Lampert

- Documentary

original language:
- german

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- DCP 2K

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