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Video 67b
Video 67b
AT / 2016
16 min.

One key principle behind´s Video_67b is that of duality. Or better yet: the overcoming of duality on the basis of digital subtlety. As a second part, that is, middle piece of a trilogy, Video_67b visualizes a composition by the Dutch musician Martijn Tellinga. At the same time, the live recorded piece, "an opposition, for 2 or 4 groups," is itself, already composed of a doubling: two ensembles follow two opposing musical time structures, thereby generating a charged fabric of rising and falling tone clusters. takes up this doubling and processes it on several layers. The visual “"doubling," which aims at the creation of a greater unity, operates by plan with four amorphous entities. These are crystalline, fine-grained, "next to no color" (, and programmed by means of a non-linear script. They move undiscernibly between all known aggregate states: solid once again, then liquid again, but at the same time, appearing highly ethereal. These "friendly aliens," caught up in seething, morphing movement, continuously send out visual signals. "Protuberances," extracted from the background frequencies by´s highly complex art of programming, stream, flow, spout in extremely diverse directions. As though they want to overcome the division and individuality of their in spite of everything, limited shape—by means of waves. Light impulses and finely woven filament patterns, which encounter the remaining figures, flow gently into them, or break in collision with them. The separation does, indeed, persist, but has most clearly demonstrated the yearning for fusion with all available means. Cosmic flying sparks under the sign of (ultimately impossible) digital merging. (Christian Höller)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

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- experimental

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- no dialogue

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