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11/65 Bild Helga Philipp
11/65 Bild Helga Philipp
AT / 1965
2 min.

11/65 Bild Helga Philipp is an optical abstraction of an optical abstraction: Kren has simply intercut filmed movements and sections from an Op painting by Helga Philipp - the result is motion opticals.

(Stephen Dwoskin)

The “kinetic” subject of Helga Philipp enables Kren to make a commentary about contemporary painting and its current concerns (i.e. illusion, psychedelic effect, ornament and fashion), as well to create a self-referential work on the reception of film. Just like the work of Helga Philipp, which approaches Kren’s formalist thought through its use of ornament, optical effects are essentially proven to be movement.

(Thomas Trummer)

A film by:
- Kurt Kren

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

Available Prints:
- 16 mm

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