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Future Destination Through the Night
Richtung Zukunft durch die Nacht
AT / 2002
59 min.

At a dimly lit provincial disco, the unemployed appetizer chef Nick falls in love with film student Anna who is more or less asynchronous, depending on her emotional state. They share a fairly adventurous first night together, under the culinary spell of river crab-coated asparagus. Until at some point she leaves him. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, time is reversed – that is, for everybody but lovesick Nick. He finds himself in a world that is moving backwards. Everybody, except him, talks, walks, and eats backwards. He eventually adjusts to the situation – when he realizes Anna will return to him...

Kalt´s perhaps most beautiful film is an intelligent and humorously told parable about the difficulties of interpersonal communication, the impossibility of love and the laws of cinema. Kalt: “The shoot was hellish, because we didn´t have the technical means to watch the scenes we filmed as they were going to appear on screen, namely backwards. The language on set was also backwards.” The result is a fantastic romance full of surreal comedy and absurd heartache, in which the two main actors seem to float through the universe like astronauts, and us with them. (Jury “First Steps Award 2002”)

A film by:
- Jörg Kalt

- Short fiction

original language:
- german

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- 35 mm

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