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16/67 September 20th
16/67 20. September
AT / 1967
6 min.

The Viennese appear to have the closest of contacts with the American underground. Kurt KrenŽs 20. September (...) represents the most anti-aesthetic and most consistent venture. English film-makers describe KrenŽs film as an "Eating, Drinking, Pissing and Shitting film," and indeed, we see a day in the life of a man reduced to drinking beer, eating cabbage and then excreting its remains - and the camera work is so unspeakably crass that even hard-baked observers do not react without embarrassment. (Theodor Schröder, 1968)

Kren says: The London Film-Makers´ Cooperative calls this film the "Eating, Drinking, Pissing and Shiting film".

Kren says: This film had to be made.

LFMC says: It had to be Kren who made it.

(Neuer Österreichischer Film. Katalog, 1970)

A film by:
- Kurt Kren

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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- 16 mm

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