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Horse Boobs
AT / 2017
9 min.

A serrated oval passageway, strobe light, title panels, "Pferdebusen – horse boobs," glittery curtain - horse´s mane - fade out. On the sound track, the sound of horse hooves, in the image, a theater space, details of glass and wood, seat grooves and crystal chandeliers, aroused horse eyes - cut to the starting shape: five protagonists move through this vagina dentata and thus begins the unfolding of a sexually compact visual dramaturgy in which human body and horse body meld in a beautiful and peculiar way: naked bottoms on saddles, leather masks hiding faces, horse anus and the bat of an eye. Wonderfully confusing, beguiling visual worlds are drafted in close-ups deployed like a fetish (camera: Hannes Böck). The point of culmination of every take is desire and fantasy; the gaze´s object and subject become one. The film closes with a climbing scene in a snowstorm. The five protagonists climb up the wall and without ropes, so it appears, resolutely upward, out, beyond the picture.

Horse Boobs is the fifth part of a series based on Arthur Schnitzler´s Dream Story. In the text, Katrina Daschner is interested in the ambiguity of fiction and reality, the tension of unrealized sexual desire of the middle-class couple. She deconstructs this framework in her development of queer relationship scenarios. In Horse Boobs, too, the filmmaker masterfully succeeds in staging the ruptures and irritations that are so essential for showing and wanting, with a subtle humor and grandiose human and non-human actors. (Christiane Erharter)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

A film by:
- Katrina Daschner

- experimental

original language:
- no dialogue

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- DCP 2K
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