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AT / LU / 2017
45 min.

Cosmic-space-time-survey-cinema! A foolhardy endeavor? Not for Bady Minck who previously traversed the entire expanse of Austria via postcards with In the Beginning Was the Eye. MappaMundi is about the big picture: Global map documentation takes the form of a science-fiction animation – A billion years fly by in 45 rapid-fire minutes. Our view of the world is afforded by jargon-speaking cosmic cartographers who measure the planets while traveling via big bellied space ships that arrive on the scene with a resounding "whoosh!". That is, until they encounter Terra who speaks English and wants a say in the presentation of her own history. Fast forward through the most diverse views of the world: Continents shift, soon small brown dots are seen wandering about. "Parasites!" It is mankind, and through cumbersome research work Bady Minck has gathered its maps to arrange a baffling array of visual sequences (accompanied by a multi-lingual sound collage), coalescing in a quick-witted view of history: In part, it is a surreal firework of ideas – the Age of Exploration turns into a wild aquatic adventure including adorable animated sea monsters. A steady expansion from earliest "mammoth bone maps" up through to today´s satellite imagery reveals historically shifting special interest perspectives – Medieval Christians for instance posited the bible as the umbilical cord for (measuring) the world, with dubious real world consequences.

MappaMundi is particularly relevant today as a film about changing perceptions of the world, corresponding demarcations and dubious real world consequences. Simultaneously, its cosmic perspective and faster-than-the-speed-of-light elegance make it profoundly timeless. (Christoph Huber)

Translation: Eve Heller

An accelerated stop-motion time travel through 950 years of world history: a collage of futuristic feature film sequences, outer-space animations, hundreds of historical world maps, iconographies, languages and religions of different epochs and cultural circles reveal the universal principle of continuous change – multifaceted world pictures in the flow of time. (prod note)

A film by:
- Bady Minck

- Animation/Pixilation

original language:
- english

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