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Ties that bind
Was uns bindet
AT / 2017
102 min.

What connects you with your birth family - in good times as well as bad - first becomes noticeable when it comes down to the nitty-gritty: the inheritance. The Berlin-based filmmaker Ivette Löcker visits her parents in the mountains of Salzburg. Her father has handed down a ramshackle farmhouse to her and her sister, while the third sister inherits the parents´ house. An appraisal of the inheritance is going to take place. A process that, one way or another, applies to every family. At first, the air is knocked out of the filmmaker; she can´t breath and is tense. The opening sequence shows her face pressed into the headrest of a massage table. As the sisters, one of whom is present only on Skype, try to figure out how this inheritance might possibly fit into their own contrary lifestyles, it becomes apparent that the parents have lived apart for years: the father has set up a sparse dwelling for himself in the cellar, while the mother lives in the living rooms. In a key scene, the father walks up the stairs and punctiliously asks his wife to cook a few hotdogs for him. The two talk with and about one another tauntingly and reproachfully - yet they also radiate an odd affinity.

Ivette Löcker carefully and tactfully unravels the fabric woven by her family´s relationships - and in doing so tells the story of an entire generation of well-educated children from the countryside who are meant to have better lives than their parents, and now live in two, often irreconcilable worlds. It is depressing when regret over missed opportunities and sadness about unfulfilled expectations breaks through in the conversation. At the same time, small, familiar scenes make one smile, for example, when the worldviews of the two generations clash. In the end, seeing what actually connects this family is liberating and nearly exhilarating: the newly stirred interest in one another, and the attempt to understand each other despite all differences. (Andrea Heinz)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

A film by:
- Ivette Löcker

- Documentary

original language:
- german

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- DCP 2K


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