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AT / 2017
66 min.

RELATIVELY INDEPENDENT constitutes a social as well as filmic experiment. For three years, filmmaker Christin Veith entrusted her protagonists with video cameras, providing the best means for the YouTube generation to document itself. "There are many foreigners. Arnold Schwarzenegger was also here," says 14-year old Carmen. And when a son of Bosnian immigrants named Dzenis speaks of the Fröbel School in Graz, he maintains he is the only one in his class who has an decent German vocabulary. One block away adolescent Matthias perfects his piano playing. His mother pays for his education. He can well imagine becoming a film composer someday, and indeed he provides the music for the soundtrack of RELATIVELY INDEPENDENT.

These people´s places of origin serve as the touchstone for this sensitive and openhearted coming of age documentation. One group of teenagers visits a private school, the second visits a middle school populated by a high percentage of immigrants. In one school the father is a truck driver and the mother is a cleaning lady. In the other the parents are therapists or designers. Barely 500 meters separate the schools from one another spatially. But they are seperated by prejudices, dreams, fears, and ultimately different worlds which Christin Veith integrates via a collective film project undertaken by adolescents that she executes with impressive ease.

Alongside their own familiar environments, participants use their cameras to explore territory inhabited by neighboring students unknown to them. Mutually hestitant visits lead to humourously thought provoking encounters, fuelling the formation of shaky friendships and powerful self-dramatizations. In RELATIVELY INDEPENDENT young people come to terms with subtle differences in society and educational politics on their own, sometimes intuitively and often with a captivating reflexivity. (Petra Erdmann)

Translation: Eve Heller

A film by:
- Christin Veith

- Documentary

original language:
- german

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- DCP 2K


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