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AT / DE / 2018
4 min.

Seemingly unrelated images flash in front of the background of a pulsing bar graph: a face, the lower half of a male body with four legs, black smoke, a white cloud, an ice cream cone, railroad cars, all move vertically across the image. The sequence of visual motifs first begins to grow a bit calmer when a greyish pink rectangle containing the black and white image of a man´s head moves to the center of the screen, where it then again becomes mirrored and fragments. The head belongs to the musician Chris Imler who is heard on the soundtrack singing about living life on the edge – perhaps so desired – to the hypnotic rhythm of oriental/ psychedelic style music: "Do I deserve not to get what I deserve?/ Do I deserve the battle I battle?/ Do I deserve to run off the rails with all the other trains?/Or maybe crashing is also the fun of the ride?"
Dagmar Schürrer works her music video like her video installations, creating different geometric visual elements and windows arranged alongside and atop one another, often assuming the form of complex rhythmical compositions. She combines alienated found footage sequences, primarily of accidents and a field of sunflowers, arranged together with grey and pink rectangles and shots of Imler. However, no clear hierarchy of images or visual dramaturgy emerges. Instead there is a multifaceted, speeding remix of various motifs befitting the text of the song, telling of life caught in a kind of speeding standstill. (Sven von Reden)

Translation: Eve Heller

A film by:
- Dagmar Schürrer

- music video

original language:
- german

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- DCP 2K

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