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AT / 2018
24 min.

Sabaudia in Italy, created by Mussolini´s architects as a model "new fascist city", was supplied with extensive farm lands converted from marshes. Yet, despite its undeniably "brutal" architecture, creators including Alberto Moravia and Pier Paolo Pasolini subsequently found Sabaudia to be a wonderful, hospitable place – the sign of a genuine, traditional Italy, and its resistance to all modern ideologies. Lotte Schreiber constructs a multi-faceted, documentary view of Sabaudia, inspired by but going beyond Pasolini, portraying it as a paradoxical mixture of social class separation, nostalgia, and everyday whimsy. (Viennale 2018, Adrian Martin)

A film by:
- Lotte Schreiber

- Essay

original language:
- german/italian

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- DCP 2K

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