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36/78 Rischart
36/78 Rischart
AT / 1978
3 min.

Hans Scheugl: Rischart is the second portrait film that you made. It is similar to Zeitaufnahme(n), because it shows a close-up of a face, but the technique is totally different.

Kren: Hans-Peter Hochenrath and Birgit Hein made a documentary film about me for the Saarland Network and wanted me to make a self-portrait. Instead of pointing the camera lens away from myself, I pointed it toward myself. I rewound the film over and over again so that multiple exposures were produced, while I was repeatedly fading in and out.

(Hans Scheugl: "Die Filme. Eine kommentierte Filmographie," in: (ed.) Scheugl Ex Underground Kurt Kren. Seine Filme, Vienna 1996)

A film by:
- Kurt Kren

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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- 16 mm

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