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Moments of Resistance
AT / 2019
98 min.

Weaving together current times with the historical in such a way that a polyphonic and simultaneously insistent resonance space arises. Meshing together scattered approaches, actions, attitudes of political dissidence with one another so that a larger, albeit heterogenous tableau begins to take shape. The maxim behind Jo Schmeiser´s Moments of Resistance can be summarized as such; a polyvalent narrative that is likewise clustered around the focus of anti-authoritarianism. To begin with are individual testimonies of contemporary forms of activism, presented by ten conversation partners between Linz, Vienna, and Berlin. Staged at locations that for the women signify resistance, or freedom from discriminating constraints, the statements also stake out a further inflammatory framework, which becomes even more explosive in light of today´s rampant New Right politics. The net expands in space and time — casually, as though of its own accord — back to the 1930s and 1940s: Without comparisons or (senseless) relativizing of the past and present. Instead, echoing in the historical voices, transmitted for the most part via sound documents, is a chorus of women´s resistance that is just as multifaceted as it is situationally split: from the combatants of the "Gruppe Soldatenrat," who tried to convince members of the armed forces to desert during World War II, through to forced laborers who gathered their courage to defend themselves against brutal rural patriarchs. At times, the gaze wanders across current, strangely ambivalent seeming sites such as wine-growing regions, a major printing press, with its largely automatized processes, or the Audimax of the University of Vienna, where cheap labor and knowledge work go hand in hand. Historical artifacts, concise inserts, even political jokes successfully offer counterpoints. As a whole, this renders Moments of Resistance a skillful collective suggestion distributed across space and time, whose power (and current necessity) is found in its productive openness and inconclusiveness. (Christian Höller)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

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- Jo Schmeiser

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