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StillLiving - Regulated Passions IV
StillLeben - Geordnete Leidenschaften IV
AT / 1995
11 min.

What isn´t caught, does not exist;

what has been caught is dead.

Nude human beings in front of a black background, objects of perpetual motion, ritualistic movements. Physical exercises. The bodies, faceless, in a catalogue of gestures, become elements of a composition, part of a landscape, film props. Human dissection, material and machine.

The film is a succession of thousands of still lives. StillLiving is composed of three thousand photographs. Each photograph has been separately elaborated, and it is the film camera which enables the construction of new movement - sequences from stills. The movements of the bodies originate in the movement of the images - in their transition from one standstill / still life to the next.

Leonardo interpreted walking as a rhythmical succession of falling movements.
Every film frame is divided - a place of two-fold events and double technical movement. Electronic picture is confronted with real picture andultimately they dissolve into each other. This is the rule of the film, which only is broken in a few sequences.

(Institut für Evidenzwissenschaft)

Silent visual choreography of naked human bodies, photographed in black & white, that have become objects in a still-life. Thousands of shots of bodies stilled in photos are put back into motion by the film. Two parallel series of pictures suggest teamwork.
In 1990 the artists Caroline Weihs, Barbara Graf and Michael Domes founded the Institut für Evidenzwissenschaft for aesthetic and experimental research.

(25th International Film Festival Rotterdam)

A film by:
- Institut für Evidenzwissenschaft

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- no dialogue

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