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The journey
Eine Reise
AT / DE / 1992
12 min.

"During the journey of the past few days I had already asked myself over and over again what a person, a person like you, could have done, could have betrayed, to deserve the death sentence." A love between two terrorists, a love which prevents Anna from executing Vera. The betrayal intended to justify the execution reveals itself as a double game. "Nobody had the right to liquidate you, least of all a selfappointed commando."

The film is a roadmovie, alien, and, except for an olive-picker, empty of people. The text is Vera┬┤s inner monologue, in which she recaptures images from the journey made ten years ago. Sound and image run parallel like the tracks of a slalom. Two pieces of music, Armenian and Hungarian, set the emotional tone with their old-fashioned beauty. The S-8 material has been blown up to 16 mm and the use of overlays has intensified the reddish and grainy effect of the original material. "I knew that my decision was right, and that never again would I allow this coldness which had almost turned me into an angel of death."

(Gerda Edelweiss Grossmann)

A film by:
- Margit Eschenbach
- Gerda E. Grossmann

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- german

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