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The Ballad of Maria Lassnig
Maria Lassnig Kantate
AT / 1992
8 min.

The Austrian artist Maria Lassnig tells us the story of her life in 14 verses, beginning with her birth and ending with her life as it is today. Simultaneusly - in the background - we see the story as animated drawings, full of irony, humor and wisdom.

(Hubert Sielecki)

"The world and the people in their comic-tragic confusion, prejudices, and superstitions gave me plenty of material, to point my finger at. Imperfection and pain can be overcome with humor. To write articles, dialogues, and songs as a painter was a big adventure, but it also awakened my conscience and a feeling of responsibility, if not before the film then in any case afterwards."

(Maria Lassnig)

A film by:
- Maria Lassnig
- Hubert Sielecki

- Avantgarde/Arts

original language:
- german

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