... as they pass ...

Keep running... Touch walls... Keep moving... Take a breath... The introductory text of as they pass is spoken calmly and quietly. The voice doesn´t tell a story, it conveys atmosphere. It´s superimposed over images which flare up briefly and are punctuated by relatively long intervals of black frames whenever the viewer begins to orient him or herself. And suddenly, the images in Bödenauer´s animation made with silk paint on glass - start to overlay one another: They´re arranged by layer, extending into the screen´s depths, and the uppermost layer flows apart, revealing the one below it. In the end they seem to have all moved away, their composition has turned into strips of color which zip upward or to the side. This is accompanied by an increasing volume of sound. At the film´s conclusion there is openness rather than a point.
The motifs in Bödenauer´s film are repeated: the corner of an interior space with large windows and wooden slats on its red floor. Flies on glass. Broken panes. Someone wrote despair is often in the dust on one with their finger.
This footage was shot at Vienna´s Kahlenberg-Hotel, which was demolished in 2005. Until that time it spent years in a coma, unused and dilapidated. The hotel´s history, analogous to the theme ...as they pass..., revolves around: memory, the selective emotional remembrance of the past, things which are not (no longer) physically present. Certain images appear repeatedly, are revealed and reconstructed, are mixed up, change, liquefy or merely fade out.
Bödenauer´s complex formal grammar which has been developed in the course of extensive experiments speaks of mechanisms and structures of memory in a way which is equally sensitive and exciting.
(Nina Schedlmayer)

Translation: Steve Wilder

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Statement of the Jury - Aurora Norwich Animation Film Festival 2007 (Award)

Honorable Mention / Statement of the Jury:
The film explores spatial dimensions of the 2D screen through every relevant formal element of film, including colour, movement, light, sound and pace.
Abstracting images of the material world, it constructs the immaterial architecture of a mental place.
Orig. Title
... as they pass ...
6 min
Orig. Language
Brigitta Bödenauer
Available Formats
Betacam SP (Distribution Copy)
Aspect Ratio
Sound Format
Frame Rate
25 fps
Digital File (prores, h264) (Distribution Copy)
Festivals (Selection)
Vancouver - NewFormsFestival
Split - Festival of New Film and Video
Edinburgh - International Film Festival
Wien - VIS Vienna Independent Shorts
Zagreb - 25fps Film & Video Festival
Madrid - Animadrid Int. Animation Film Festival
Milano Aiace - Invideo
Montréal - Festival du Nouveau Cinéma
Norwich - AURORA International Animation Festival (Honorable Mention)
San Diego Women's Film Festival
Wilmington - Cucalorus Annual Festival of Independent Film
London Int. Animation Festival LIAF (Voted best abstract work.)
Wien - Tricky Women / Animationsfilmfestival
Melbourne - MIAF International Animation Filmfestival
Fantoche - Animationsfilmfestival Baden