The Endless Sandwich

“Between the monitor/TV and the viewer there is a special function: The user must switch on the monitor/TV. This function (and process) is pictured and becomes the content of the image on the monitor, though in a special temporal chain: with a time delay. By turning on his set the viewer ruins the image of the next one in the link, and so on.
Two moments characterize this piece: the first is time, the second is mapping/picturing. A specific process (virtually infinite) is repeated and reproduced until it is finally reduplicated. The real process and the reproduced process are finally one, function (process) and content (image) are mapping constants: This is the sandwich character of every picturing process, of the relation between object & picture & picturing process, of the relation between object & picture & picturing process (device). The sandwich character of real process and reproduced process: structure and function in time. As radio Odessa says: Reflection and action are a sandwich.”

as a performance in the framework of “First International Underground Film Festival”, London, Arts Lab, September 1970; broadcasted on June 29, 1972, ORF

Orig. Title
The Endless Sandwich
2 min
Peter Weibel
Orig. Language
No Dialogue
Peter Weibel
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