Moucle Blackout

Moucle Blackout
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* 1935, Czech Republic

Born in Prague in 1935. Moved with her family to Salzburg at the age of three, where she grew up and attended school. 1958-1967 enrolled at the University for Applied Arts, Vienna (Master classes in sculpture, design and metal work). As of 1968 participates in diverse exhibitions, Actions, and festivals, with photomontages, collages, photographs, experimental films and objects. Member of the artist group IntAkt, the Grazer Autorenversammlung and the Austria Filmmakers Cooperative. Moucle Blackout was married for 26 years to the artist Marc Adrian. She lives in Vienna.

Break (1984-2004)
Neue Wege bricht neue Welt aus (1996)
Der galaktische Nordpol liebt im Haar der Berenice (1992)
O.K. (1987)
Stoned Vienna (1976-79)
Die Geburt der Venus (1970-72)
Walk In (1969)
Loss (1998)

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