Karin Berger

Karin Berger
© Maria Pia Stowasser

born in Gmünd/Northern Austria, film director and author, studied ethnology and politics in Vienna. From the early 1980s onwards she worked as a journalist and researcher on feminism and history projects and started to work on documentary film projects. In 1984 she released her first full-length documentary Kitchen Talks with Rebel Women, a collaborative project, which looked at the resistance of Austrian women to the Nazi regime.Since then she works on various projects such as documentary films for cinema, publishing books and teaching at the university. She lives in Vienna.


FILMOGRAPHY (selection)
Tears instead of Weapons (together with Elisabeth Holzinger, Lotte Podgornik, Lisbeth N. Trallori), 1984
Kitchen-Talks with Rebel Women, 1985
Ceja Stojka – Portrait of a Romani Woman, 2000
The green, green gras beneath, 2005
Tearing Your Heart Apart, 2008

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