Hanna Schimek

Hanna Schimek

* 1948, Austria

lives and works in Vienna and Aegina

studies in graphic at Grafische Lehr und Versuchsanstalt, Vienna 1966 – 1969

studies in painting at Ecole Nationale Superiore des Beaux Arts, Paris, Mag. Art 1970 – 1974

member of the artists group Der Blaue Kompressor Floating & Stomping Company since 1983

scientific illustrations for Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart 1985 – 1995

artistic collaboration with Gustav Deutsch since 1985

numerous photographic works since 1990

programming, research and artistic supervision in film since 1998

member of After Image Productions since 2001

artistic director of Light I Image I The Aegina Academie since 2003 (1)

artistic activities and exhibitions in Austria and abroad.


Basic area of the artistic work :

Photography, installations, conception and organisation of interdisciplinary art projects.

Artistic research and curatorship in visual media and film, artistic works in sociocultural context.

Since 1985 projects with Gustav Deutsch, since 1997 projects under the label of D&S


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