Wolfgang Rupert Muhr

Wolfgang Rupert Muhr
(c) Jana Enz

* 1976, Austria

Wolfgang Rupert Muhr (*19.5.76 Vienna, Austria), Worked as an actor, e.g. Stadttheater Bern, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Theater in der Josefstadt, Volkstheater Wien.
Wrote stage- and radio plays.
Completed studies at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna, Department Film & TV:
Scriptwriting (Diploma 2008), Directing (Diploma 2014)

FILMOGRAPHY (Directing / Writing – Selection):

2002 Begun in Hollywood-Finished in Vienna
2003 Voodoo Master
2004 Farewell, Brother!
2005 Lovers’ Campus
2006 Lonely at the top
2006 Chansons Madécasses
2008 Anwesen(de) – am Stein 16

2013 Paranoid Point (HD, 59 min, Diploma)
2015 CENTAURUS (DCP, 5.1, 117min)

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