Florian Kindlinger

Florian Kindlinger

* 1984, Austria

Florian Kindlinger was born 1984 in Salzburg/Austria. 
Studies of electroacoustic music and multimedia-art.
Oscillating between Vienna and Salzburg;
lives and works in fields of music/theater/sound-engineering/
sound-design/ experimental sound and video treatment.

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Peter Kutin & Florian Kindlinger

got to know each other in 2004 while studying electroacoustic music at the Univ. for music and performing arts in Vienna. Since then they cooperated on various compositional projects.
 They have realised compositions on an international scale and have released critically acclaimed albums when being part of the ensemble "dirac" (2007 - 2010).
 They continued to produce Audio-Video works in an expanded documentary style with an approach that sets a counterpoint to the usual procedure of film making, as sound becomes the primary level.

Kutin & Kindlinger cooperated, produced and worked for Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Daniel Hösl, Tina Leisch, Billy Roisz, Manuel Knapp, Brigitta Bödenauer, Fritz Ofner, Björn Kaemmerer, a.o.
 Their works have been shown at numerous Festivals. 
In 2014 they founded the platform VENTIL

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