Synes Elischka

Synes Elischka

* 1974

2002 – 2008 Studied Media Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna,Media Art, Prof. Bernhard Leitner and Prof. Erwin Wurm
2004 Educated as a Lighting Technician at Dopplinger, Vienna
2005 – 2006 Studied at ENERC and IUNA in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Grants and Awards
2006 Foreign Exchange Grant by the University of Applied Arts Vienna
2008 Project Grant by the University of Applied Arts Vienna
2009 Alice Schwarzer Award
2009 Ursula Blickle Videoaward (1st Prize)

2003 "Arbeiten II", Expositur Seidelgasse, Vienna
2003 "Lumina", Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Vienna
2004 "Consciousness Reframed", Beijing, China
2007 "Crossbreeds", WUK, Vienna
2008 "Kinder der Iris", Graz
2008 "Polyphem", Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Vienna
2009 "Sound:Frame", Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2009 "Prisma Forum", CENART, Mexico
2009 "Sound:Frame:Remix" (Best of), Austrian Cultural Forum, New York
2009 "Fluten", Wasserturm Favoriten, Vienna
2009 "PID Machine", Roehampton University, London
2009 "VAD Festival", Gerona, Spain

2003 Lab at the "Tanzquartier Wien". Developed Projects with Chris Haring, Mariella Greil
2006 Kinokabaret Film Festival, Paris
2008 Mid-Ulster Film Festival, Ireland
2009 London Short Film Festival, London
2009 His Script "The good Son" was selected for the "European Short Pitch", Andé, France(with participants selected from over 600 scripts from all over Europe)
2009 BUFF Film Festival, Malmö, Sweden
2009 International Art Convention "Prisma Forum" in Oaxaca and Mexico City

Works (selection)

Silenos (Video Installation)
A Private Investigators Dream Machine (Performative Installation)
The Rip (Short Animation)
Lifeshow (Video Clip)
Basic Needs (Short Animation)

Polyphem (Video Installation)
Silent Monsters (Experimental Short Film)
Close Your Eyes and You Will Glow in the Dark (Experimental Short Film)
Trailer for “KinoDynamique” Film Festival
One Source Many Edits (Interactive Film)

Fubar (Short Film)
Monsieur Mustache (Short Animation)
Stereoskopie (Performative Installation)
Control (Short Film)
Bleeding Guys, Rising Girls (Short Film)

Cleptomana (Commercial Spot for Cinema)
Yo soy lo mejor (Video Clip)
Un Dia en el Mar (Short Animation)
Nostalgia (Short Animation)
X (Experimental Short Film)

Jenseits der Frage (Video Clip)
KDAG (Short Animation)
Interne Betrachtung (Video Clip)
Avatartest (Interactive Installation)

Inkal (Experimental Short Film)
Technischer Durchbruch (Performative Installation)
MADunreal (Art Game Mod)
Phase 2 Layer 1, Phase 2 Layer 2 (Video Installations)

Phase 1 Layer 1, Phase 1 Layer 2 (Video Installations)
Imprints (physical imprints; C4 prints in cardboardbox)
Nur zu Besuch (Performative Installation)

Farbe in Zeit (Video Installation)
EMR (Experimental Short Film)

Works in Collections
Ursula Blickle Video Archive:
"Fubar", "Dia en el Mar", "Nostalgia", "Jenseits der Frage", "Inkal", "Lifeshow"
University of Applied Arts Vienna:

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