Bernadette Weigel

Bernadette Weigel

* 1977, Austria
born 1977 in Vienna

2012 directors assistant at „Shirley - Visions of Reality“ by Gustav Deutsch

2009/2010 studies Cinematography at the DFFB (Berlin)
supervised by lecturer and cinematographer Sophie Maintigneux

2008 part of the lightning departement at „Das weiße Band“ by Michael Haneke

2008 First Cameraassistent for the long fiction „Schottentor“ by Caspar Pfaundler

March 2008 Bakkalaureat in Cinematography in Vienna

since 2006 studies Directing with Michael Haneke

2004 studies Cinematography with Christian Berger

at the „University for Applied Arts / Department for Musik & Film“ in Vienna

Until 2003 Theater- Film- and Mediastudies, University of Vienna

Since 2000 directors assistant for Austrain art film productions

Since 2001, she has produced 18 shortfilms as DoP and/or woman director, mostly shot on Super 8 or 16mm. „Fair Wind - Notes of a Traveller“ is her first feature-length film.

selected work:

„Fair Wind“ 2013, 82 min, essay film (DoP and director)
„Aus dem Dunkel der Erinnerung“ 2012, 25 min (DoP and director)
„Car Wash“ 2011, 12 min (DoP and Co-director)
„Marie“ 2009, 24 min (DoP and director)
„eineFrau“ 2009, 12 min (DoP)
„Wiens Kultursöldner“ 2008, 20 min (DoP)
„Scream of a Butterfly“ 2007, 6 min (director)
„Jonglage” 2004, 6 min (DoP and director)
„ego ist” 2003, 5 min (concept and realisation)

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