Jola Wieczorek

Jola Wieczorek
© Ane Yarza + Jose A. López

* 1983, Poland
Born in Poznań (Poland) in 1983 and grew up in Bad
Ischl (Austria). Studied Media Management in St. Pölten and Audio-visual Communication in Barcelona. She started working on own film projects and founded the association „Filmatelier Zurich“ with other female filmmakers. During the master of „DOC Nomads,“ that involved studying at the Universidad- de de Lusófona in Lisbon, the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest and LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, she realized various short documentaries that were presented at different international film festivals. She graduated from DOC Nomads in 2014 with the film O que resta. Jola Wieczorek lives and works in Barcelona and Vienna.

Filme / Films (Selection)
O que resta (2015)
List Do Polski (2014
Border Crossers (2013)
Època Baixa (2013)