Alexandra Tatar

Alexandra Tatar
© / Manuel Carreon Lopez

* 1989, Romania

is a visual artist and researcher living and working in Vienna since 2011. Currently she is a doctoral candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, researching on the topic of post-socialist subjectivities. In her recent artistic practice, she takes the space called ‘Central and Eastern Europe’ as her artistic terrain and focuses on systems and interdependencies which have historically shaped these spaces. Her research on subjectivity and power axis builds on previous works, in which she dealt with visual culture’s influence on identity construction. She is recipient of the Art Start Scholarship of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2018 and kültüř gemma! scholarship in 2021. Her work has been exhibited at thealit Bremen (DE), MNAC National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (RO), FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion Plovdiv (BG), VBKÖ (AT) and at the Vienna Art Week, amongst others. “Mâna care taie (Cutting Hand)” is the artist’s filmographic debut. 

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