Fanny Sorgo

Fanny Sorgo
Photo: Florian Röthel

Fanny Sorgo, born in 1993 in Austria, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vienna and Berlin. She studied Scenic Writing and Narrative Film at the University of Arts Berlin and successfully completed both courses in 2018. As a playwright and performer she has been invited to numerous theater festivals throughout Europe in recent years and wrote, among others, for the German Opera Berlin. Since 2014, Fanny Sorgo has been represented by the Berlin publishing house Felix Bloch Erben.
In 2020 she discovered her interest in music and began to write and compose songs self-taught. In 2023 she released her first singles.
The animated film Tako Tsubo (2024) is her directorial film debut in collaboration with the argentine artist Eva Pedroza.
Fanny Sorgo regularly presents her work in performative readings and concerts.


Tako Tsubo, 2024, shortfilm, HD, 6:04 min, color, sound (Script & Directing)

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