⟨common.places 2⟩

At the park, in a bar, in the subway, or in virtual space: in ⟨common.places 2⟩ twenty-nine protagonists talk about verbal as well as physical attacks they experienced in common places. Their performances recall the “Take Back the Night” actions, which blazed in the 1970s at American universities. As already in her earlier work #1:⟨common.places⟩ (1999), in this sequence of reports of harassment, Fiona Rukschcio does more than illustrate how diverse types of sexualized violence take place at all times and everywhere. The documentary work is, at the same time, a cinematic encouragement to resolutely advocate for one another and stand up for one another against persistent everyday sexism. The mainly women actors enter and exit the image autonomously—in most cases, the sites strongly resemble the settings of the stories they tell, which are separated from one another by a black transition. At times, people can be seen strolling by in the background as the protagonists stare straight into the camera describing the violations they experienced at public sites. Physical attacks, verbal insults on the street or on the internet, and varying forms of discrimination that accompany patriarchal power structures: Fiona Rukschcio lets the actors find their own narrative style in order to look back at the different situations and pass on their empowerment strategies. And, last but not least, by depicting scenes in which it is the indignation of outsiders that first provides relief, the film takes a decisive stance against ridiculing those affected who are unable to put up a fight alone. ⟨common.places 2⟩ is an empathetic and attentive look at the situation. A cinematic plea for supporting one another, for no longer relativizing and playing things down, and for having faith in one´s feelings. (Jana Koch)

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

Orig. Title
<common.places 2>
77 min
Fiona Rukschcio
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Fiona Rukschcio
Fiona Rukschcio
Fiona Rukschcio
Elke Bitter
Fiona Rukschcio
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Fiona Rukschcio
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Stadt Graz, Frauenbüro der Stadt Wien MA 57, Wien Kultur MA 7, Frauenbüro der Stadt Graz, BKA - innovative film, Frauenbüro der Stadt Linz
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DCP 2K flat
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Linz - Crossing Europe Film Festival (CROSSING EUROPE Award - Local Artist)
Wien - this human world International Human Rights Film Festival